Taqueria Tarasco

   Sunnyvale Ca.

The Pizza Truck

   San Jose Ca.

When Richard and Nancy's travel around the world. One of their favorite things to do, is find food trucks. If they spot one, they pull off, and give it a try. Tacos to Asian and anything and everything in between. They would like to share these food truck adventures with  you. Click on the links below to check  them out.

 Taco Mania

San Jose Ca.

    G's Tacos

Watsonville Ca.

Click on the links below

   Hashtag Street Food

Tauranga New Zealand

Food Trucks

 Lucy's Fruit

San Jose Ca.

 Quick Dog

San Jose Ca.

 Porchetta Rome Italy

   Border Grill

LAX Airport Ca.

   Car Trunk Tamales

Safeway's Parking Lot

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