Fat Chef Coloring Book

About the Author

Born in San Jose, Richard now resides in Aptos and Key West. His business career includes owning the largest supplier of Triumph and British car parts in the US, a salsa and tortilla chips company, and the Pacific Golf Ball company. Throughout his life he has been active in art, design, and music. He designed graphics for Carl Perkins, Susi Beatty, Tommy Barnes, Doug Sanders, Outlaw Golf, The TV Channel, The Academy Awards of Country Music Foundation, and many more. He has appeared the Dick Clark Show, The Love Boat, and Bloopers & Practical Jokes

Description of Book

This coloring book shows you the comical side of Chefs and Restaurants. Dubbed the “Fat Chef Coloring Book,” they are vignettes of stoic waiters, overweight chefs, Pizzerias, Burger Bars, Lobster Fests, Fish Fry’s, Conch Chowder, and just kicking off your shoes after a long 12 hour day at the restaurant. Richard wants you to add the color, and immortalizes these images. Have fun and it's OK to go outside the lines.

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It's ok to go outside the lines

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