Cafe' Montmartre

Bug Dinner Nanjing Northern China

LuLu Shanghai 


Wan Quing Lou Nanjing China

Shidao Hotel Rongcheng China


Lunch Nanjing China

Wedding  Chateau Changyu Castel

Gourmet Shanghai 

   Mr. & Mrs. Bund Shanghai China

Tsing Tao Beer Shidao China

Joint the adventure, eating  their way through China.They will share there experiences with you. Good, Bad or Ugly.


Jade 36 Shanghai 

Silk Road China

Peninsula Hotel The Lobby Shanghai 

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Silk Road Sea Food Restaurant  

High Speed Bullet Train

Sea Cucumbers

Roasted Sweet Potatoes & Yams


Yuqin Shangpin Nanjing China

Good Longevity Jiangsu Province 

Fish Restaurant / Market

Sea View  Restaurant Quingdao

The Great Wall & Peking Duck

Peking Duck Shanghai 

Richard and Nancy have traveled all over the world. In China they have eaten everything from traditional Chinese food to bugs, duck toungue, fish heads, and everything between.

 Chinese Lantern Northern China

Horizon Club Lounge Shanghai